Gift Planning

Gifts of Art

We highly encourage donors of artwork to consider adding in the following to their bequests:

  • A cash gift to cover the costs of packaging and transportation of the collection from your home to the museum.
  • A cash gift to help cover the costs of care for and maintenance of the collection.
  • If you wish to donate your entire collection, we suggest giving the museum permission to sell or auction any pieces they do not wish to accession. 100% of those funds would then be used to support the museum's exhibitions, educational programming or collections.

Sample language for your will for gifts of art:

I hereby pledge to give to _________________________[named Museum] at or prior to my death, absolute and unconditional ownership of the following objects, described in Exhibit XX (Codicil to will.) The ___________________ [named Museum] has the right to dispose of any items that it does not wish to accession into the collection.


Our Mission

The Museum of New Mexico Foundation supports the Museum of New Mexico system, in collaboration with the Museum of New Mexico Board of Regents and the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. The Foundation's principal activities are fund development for exhibitions and education programs, retail and licensing programs, financial management, advocacy and special initiatives.